Andrea and Scott ... just married!

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Do you remember, the evenings of the Annakirmes-fireworks, when you, Andrea, Steffi and me, little Bine entertained the adults with self-created performances...

Do you remember, when we felt like real grown-ups, put on our mothers´ clothes and practiced our `model-qualities´ in front of the camera...

Do you remember the times when you had just turned 16 and you did me the big favour of taking me on your Vespa to the tennis-party, which my parents didn´t find funny at all...

Do you remember, when Steffi decided to go to London...
Do you remember, when you decided to go to Hanover to do your media-studies...
Do you remember, when I went to Freiburg to start with my studies of law...

Suddenly the `three sisters´ weren´t together anymore. But there was the telephone and if we were lucky ,at least two of us were at home in Dueren at the same time.
Finally, when I decided to move to Hamburg, we were able to see each other quite often again. That was the time, when I met your dear friends Felli, Angelika and Sven at your Christmas-dinner, and when you met my newly found friends in Hamburg.

I remember one day, when I felt really miserable. As if you felt it you called me and decided to come and see me although you were just writing your `Diplomarbeit´.-
That was the biggest proof of our friendship, that I won´t ever forget!

It´s been one year by now, that you went to Australia to explore this beautiful continent and - as we know by now - to meet your `love of the life´.

It´s been my whole lifetime that you were and are my `second sister´ and that our friendship couln´t be broken, no matter how far we were away from each other.
I´m really glad and happy for the two of you and really content that Andrea met you, Scott, because although I´ve known you just for a few months I started to like you from the first moment we met.
You are such a nice and friendly guy and bring Andrea´s eyes to shine.- Thanks for this!

I wish the two of you all the best and that you´ll manage the bad times as well as you enjoy the good times - although I hope there´ll be loads of good times and only very few where the sun isn´t really shining.

Believe in your love and you´ll manage even the highest mountain!

Lots of love,

Dear Andrea and Scott ,

Today is YOUR day .
Unfortunately ; though , I´ m too far away .
I´m with you in my mind ,
the wishes I send you ever so kind .
What else is there to say ?
Of course , I wish you a smashing wedding day .

I hope this is NOT gonna be the "happiest day of your life" but just one of many happy and joyful days to follow !
I send you all my LOVE and a big hug ,


P.S. : Nick also sends his best wishes to U 2 !!!