Andrea and Scott ... just married!

Dear Andrea, dear Scott!
Hello, Mr and Mrs Cassin!

CONGRATULATIONS! We had a beer together and thought of you ...

Claudi and Oli love you...

... and we remembered the moment when we realised the big change in Andrea's life.

It was the first phone call we received from our Outdoor-Woman after her long trip to Down Under. She told us about great experiences, marvellous places and wonderful people. We thought: "WOW, it was a really nice trip!". Suddenly, twenty minutes later, we noticed the most important word in one of these less important sentences - Andrea spoke about the challenge of house-hunting in Hannover, because "now I have to find a new flat for two people". For TWO people?!?!?! "Scott is coming in January." SCOTT?!?!?! "He is my boyfriend, I met him in Australia." AHA (=well) ... ?!?!?! We hung up the phone, and Claudia turned to Oliver and mentioned: "Either Andrea went totally mad in the last months or she really met the love of her life!". Now we know: You are both completely mad - about each other!

And we are sure: You are made for each other! You even conquered the big inter-cultural differences between Australians and Germans - we collected the most obvious ones. Enjoy them!
Australians ... Germans ...
... drink Fosters all day long (and nothing else). ... drink real beer (brewed by the German purity law) and sometimes Fosters (and then they think they are very cool).
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... listen to Kylie Minogue and AC/DC. ... sing to Nicole and Udo Jürgens (Scott, they wrote the famous songs which have been translated to you standing on a chair).
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... do have the Ayers Rock.
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... do have the "Odenwald" (= Oden Forest).
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... celebrate the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney – and the whole world takes part. ... lament over the EXPO – and the whole world is sorry for them. 
... played important characters in famous, successful and international movies – like Paul Hogan in "Crocodile Dundee". ... played important characters in famous, successful and national movies – like Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Krüger in "Die Supernasen".
... live together with kangaroos, koalas and duck-bills. ... live together with guinea-pigs, canaries and cows. 
... are afraid of dangerous and poisonous big spiders. ... are afraid of small and unspectacular spiders at home (Andrea is a brave girl – she even killed spiders at night in foreign flats).
... define "Outback" as a 2000-miles-drive without touching the steering wheel. ... don’t have a real "Outback". Freedom and adventure is driving 20 km on a street without a petrol station (and all that without a survival kit).
... as members of the Commonwealth worship Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. ... as members of the Carnival hysteria worship the "Dreigestirn" of Cologne.
... throw boomerangs every day and night. ... go skiing in the mountains (Scott, you will get to know it this winter together with your wife).
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... are great swimmers and enthusiastic rugby players. ... are still the most successful soccer players in Europe (maybe anyone remembers the golden days).
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... are entertained by Rudolph Murdoch. ... are entertained by Bertelsmann (and in former days by the famous "Stadtradio" of Hannover).
... are lucky ones because they got to know Andrea.


... are lucky ones because they got to know Scott.

Big kisses from Germany - and always beer in your fridge!

Claudia & Oliver