Andrea and Scott ... just married!

Dear Scott & Andrea,

Oct. 1st, 2000, Hamburg, Germany - it's a beautiful bright, sunny day, more August than October, the people are out in the streets inhaling this very last call of the summer. It's a very peaceful atmosphere, as if nobody wants to disturb the enchantment of this day. It's very cheerful at the same time, everybody seems to be delighted by it. Even though this takes place on the other side of the globe, I couldn't imagine a better day for the two of you to marry than today.

Andrea, we've known each other for quite some time now - it's almost exactly seven years ago when we started our studies in Hannover. Being friends from the beginning we have kept up this friendship through all these years, each of us treading his own paths, drifting off in our lifes, only to come across each other again to catch up on what has been going on it the other one's life, refreshing the feeling of deep friendship. No frequent calls needed, no explanations (god knows, how often I have forgotten your birthday...), only true happiness, when we took a chance to get together.

Scott, first time we met was on a 2 hour stop-over I took in Hannover. You were different to what I expected (Nooooo, you will not get me to tell you, WHAT I thought you to be like, I can't even remember!). But what was clear to me from the beginning, was that Andrea really loved you. "Well", I told myself, "the guy looks okay and he seems to love Andrea, too (so one should expect when sbd. leaves his country for a girl - but then again: you Aussies are known for doing crazy things...), so I guess he's okay!" . Next time we met in Guetersloh at your house warming party, where we really got the chance to talk. All of a sudden it was 5 o'clock in the morning, everybody around us was fast asleep, and you and me found ourselves in front of the stereo, playing favourite songs to each other, finishing beers and talking about living in another country, girls and former relationships. Well, I think that had a quality apart from your relationship to Andrea - that stood for itself!

I admire you for your courage to leave home to live somewhere else. The toughest part may not have been the decision to do so but the times you went through when you were faced with it day by day over here in Germany. Not being able to work properly, not your language, not your mentality - that's quite hard and can really get at you. But you stuck to your decision and dealt with the situation - together with Andrea. And that is something I really admire both of you for: Andrea had just started her job, with a lot of pressure on her and you had to deal with a foreign environment with only her to really relate to. And you handled it! That's pretty good! Much respect!

But there's more out there to be handled: Both of you are awfully stubborn and at times hotheaded (Boy, am I glad not to be one of Andrea's former boyfriends - and that not only for Scott's jealousy...), but at the same time you are very hearty and sincere people. And you have already shown a strong will to carry this somewhere. Keep that up!

I envy the both of you for your confidence and will to take this relationship beyond borders. I think both of you have crossed borders for it and as a result of that have now entered into one of the most beautiful things: a mutual world consisting of the two of you. I am deeply happy for you and wish you all the best.

I'm looking out of my window and into a beautiful day. May the sun and the cheerfulness of this day always stay with you.

Much love,