Andrea and Scott ... just married!

There's a wedding in Australia? Wow, it must be

 Muriel's Wedding.

 But, wait a minute. The bride is no real ABBA-fan, and the bridegroom not a passionate swimmer.
 And as it cannot be the Marriage of Figaro nor a

Royal Wedding (at least as much as I know), it simply has to be the
Wedding of Andrea and Scott. Congratulations!

 Father of the Bride
 surely is proud and lucky to give his daughter to Scott.
 Hopefully he can witness

 The Wedding Party and

 The Wedding Singer (if you have one) as I unfortunately cannot do this for several reasons
 (I trust in your promise of a party in Germany!).

 But definetely somebody in Australia will be able to say "I joined

 My Best Friend's Wedding".
 Sure, but only in case that Andrea doesn't turn out to be a

 Runaway Bride (you see the similarities on the pictures?).

 But why should she? She is not gonna be

 The Bride of Frankenstein

nor the

 Bride of Chucky but the bride of Scott.

 As a good tradition before

 The Wedding Banquet
 and before

 They All Kissed the Bride

  I hope the

 Bachelor Party of Scott was a huge success.

Finally, I want to wish you all the best for your wedding and your loooong time together afterwards. May it be like an ever lasting Happy End in a movie. Because I am convinced of that, I know that your wedding is not gonna be the first of

 Four Weddings and a Funeral.