Andrea and Scott ... just married!

the "Schuettelreim"

some time ago we met in old hannover
after some years the friendship is still not over.
of course in different intense degrees
and still we sing of fun and peace.

my words don't have to make a meaning
but ain't we all depend on leaning
back to think of times we had?
the thought of ours still make me glad.

streetfighting with you can be fun
its been a while since we have done
but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone...
(remember carneval in cologne? my fingers still hurt...)

some nights in frankfurt going out.
nothing special to be proud?
well, it's the fun you make of it
those nights with party were a hit!

in downunder scott stepped into your life
and already now he takes you for his wife.
smart move from him i have to admit
can't wait to see your future KID...

odenwald at pfingsten i hope will always be
the place to meet in harmony
there's time for talking, playing, singing
of course we won't forget the drinking!

I raise my glass to drink for you, guys
i am sure your wedding will be nice.
so don't forget us - freezing here
just raise your glass... and have a beer!

Cheers and best wishes from Oliver Lucas

Odenwald Terror...